What is the significant of 24 knots?

Senior Innovator Dave, was a military helicopter pilot for 13 years. Helicopters require more power to hover than to fly.  This is because a helicopter hovering causes turbulent air to form around it, decreasing the lift produced by the rotor blades.  As the helicopter reaches between 16 and 24 knots it enter a state of effective translational lift (ETL).  After passing through ETL the helicopter can actually climb out and fly away with less power than it took to hover.  24Knots, LLC gives innovation that momentum to leave the turbulence of product development behind and move skyward.

How do you help inventors and makers with their ideas?

We believe that inventors and makers have great ideas that most people will never see or understand for a myriad of reasons including, trust, communication, and pride. Through our assistance to inventors and makers, we transform our customers into revolutionary innovators.   These newly transformed innovators still retain the awesome gritty drive, intelligence, and perseverance that helps them be great inventors and makers.  Now they have the knowledge of the market, the understanding of how to properly test their concept and skills to get their dream purchased from the customer.