1. 24 Knots is here to help inventors get the right start on the road to making their dreams come true. We help Makers and Inventors get their ideas ready for the market by prepping them in the manufacturing world.
  2. The decision to license your product or create a company requires some assessment of yourself and your goals with your idea. Lifestyle, family commitments, financial status, current strengths and desire are important issues to asses in the decision to build a business around your patent idea or license your patent idea.
  3. Financing your idea can be complicated. There are several private and public ways to
  4. What type of patent does your idea need? Copyright, Trademark?
  5. What does your business plan look like? We can help fill out the loose ends.


  1. Are you a maker with a great ideas that wants to transition your awesome idea into a mass manufactured product? What is the market for your idea?  What niche does your product serve?  Is your product ready for manufacture on a large scale?  24 Knots can help guide you to the answers to those questions.
  2. Your talent and skill as a maker creates fantastic ideas. Now it is time to share your maker ideas with the rest of the world.
  3. What is your testing plan?
  4. What does your product need for a business plan?